Ningbo electric tool to be completed by the United States UL certification in the local
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   HC Metal U.S. Underwriters Laboratories (UnderwritersLaboratories, referred to as UL Mr.) JoshuaWade, Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Ningbo Electrical Safety and Inspection Center (Yuyao laboratory) field trips, glue stick the detection capabilities of the laboratory has made a positive evaluation, and formal confirmation that the laboratory has the place witnessed the test of eligibility to carry out the power tools, small appliances, two categories of products UL safety certification.

    This means that from now on, Ningbo enterprises UL certification only "door" can be done without having to rerun outside the city, province, or even abroad. This will save time, save time, save money, glue gun reduce business costs, speed up the certification period to ensure that product into the market as soon as possible, to seize the initiative in the competition.

    It is reported that, Yuyao, Ningbo Electrical Safety Testing Center laboratory has become Germany Rhine TUV PSTUV, VDE, the American UL and four foreign certification shall be handled directly. This achievement marks the Yuyao laboratory has achieved the goal of cooperation with Europe and the United States first-class security certification company, opened a new one for their own construction of "first-class laboratory. World-class certification testing to Yuyao, to build Ningbo mechanical and electrical products manufacturing Heights "a landmark fulcrum.




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