Comments received: lack of energy to maintain the shock index
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Market opened lower today, showing the pattern of downward shock. By the CBRC officials expect next year will not relax credit policy and central bank reports first emerged of the impact of price inflection point, A shrinkage down stocks today, all day and then received small Yin A shares. Short term, good in the market digested the relevant policies, the market into a difficult pattern. The main reason is the main shock bottoms attack blocked by bad volume, only to retreat a strategic way to absorb chips to complete the bottom of the feet 2300 to build a stronger support for the big end, I personally think that this support to build more is strong. However, due to the issue facing the NCI, is hard to deal effectively amplified, or limited the rate of increase. Long term strength of today's disk was observed less than expected short-term stock will remain range-bound trend, and the recent focus is on the movements of B shares. News of today: First, according to "First Financial Daily" reported on Monday, Yan Qingmin, assistant chairman of China Banking Regulatory Commission, said the size of new loans next year than this year, a slight increase, but is expected to be difficult to relax credit policy. Second, on Monday Shanghai interbank offered rate continued glue stick  downward trend since last week, in addition to one-month rate was up, the other species across the board. Third, HSBC Holdings on Monday announced its establishment in November, China's service sector purchasing managers' index (PMI) was 52.5, down from 54.1 in October, the highest three-month low. Fourth, China's central bank wrote in a recent survey report of the Secretary pointed out that price inflection point, the beginning of another.
Today, Shanghai Composite Index opened 2363.11 points, 2.45 points higher open, stock highs, present-day market volatility continued to drop pattern. Shanghai Composite Index closed at 2333 points on turnover of 48.6 billion. The disk, stocks Pudie, banking, insurance, coal, oil, brokerage, education, media and other sections show a strong, real estate, electronic element devices, alcoholic beverages, electrical equipment, chemical software and systems, solar energy, of things, such as lithium sector performance is weak. Today show: Bank sector into the top, real estate, electronic element device, the net outflow of top alcohol drinks. Technically, today received a small Yin, closing stock index continued to fall on the 5th line, MACD green column amplification, KDJ indicator again low Sicha, November 30, the big yin can not recover as quickly as possible, then disappointing. However, a rapid turnover below the 2400 point decline, it is expected that A-share is expected to gradually go up again this week. Comprehensive analysis: the first time in three years, the central bank cut deposit and precision, will mark the official opening easing policy, announced in early December, the November CPI increase will fall to below 5%. The November manufacturing purchasing managers index (PMI) 33 slightly wounded dropped to below 50%, indicating the economic slowdown is increasing the pressure. Market forecasts the central bank in December tglue gun he fastest possible second cut the deposit reserve ratio. Currently the money market has entered a cycle of lower reserve ratio, adjusted by the index of support from monetary policy. 2400 stock index this week, repeated competition will continue, but the amplitude of intraday stock index last week sharply converge. Operation, the current weak market sentiment in the case, we must control the position, continue to do dips Jiancang, midline maintains bargain intervention, more or more to buy the operating strategy, should not be too pessimistic.
The advance is expected to let the market run out of cash cow for more high-priced stocks small cap stocks, with a strong high expectations with the right varieties, today part of the funds began to layout report for the purpose of high transfer prices began to flood into the small set high expectations with the right varieties in stock, which for the A-share market has brought new vitality to do more.
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