Check authority



Log in:ok

ID verification:ok

log out:ok


comment on:ok

send Trackback:ok

check authority:ok

index rebuild:fail

article rebuild:fail

article Manage:fail

edit article:fail

pulbish article:fail

delete article:fail

category Manage:fail

modify category:fail

delete category:fail

commentary Manage:fail

delete commentary:fail

Trackback Manage:ok

delete Trackback:fail

send Trackback:fail

user Manage:fail

user modification:fail

create user:fail

delete user:fail

attachment Manage:fail

attachment upload:fail

delete attachment:fail

search in the web:fail

Tag Manage:ok

edit Tag:fail

save Tag:fail

delete Tag:fail

website configuration Manage:fail

save website configuration:fail

plugin Manage:fail

check RSS and ATOM output:fail

manage articles in the web:ok

edit articles in the web:fail

save articles in the web:fail

delete articles in the web:fail